I have always been drawn to fashion. I like the fabric, I like the colors, I like the poetry of a garment, I like the sensation it gives. For me, we show a bit of us thanks to the clothes. What better way to express our personality on a daily basis?
After working for 3 in cosmetics marketing, I needed to make my work more meaningful.
I decided to join the French Institute of Fashion to realize the dream of creating my own brand.
I wanted to create a Parisian brand, just like the city in which I have always lived.
Looking around me, I found a common expectation among women, chaining the days of work and outings with friends.
You want to have style all day without having to change, thanks to a simple piece, made in beautiful materials, easy to wear and maintain.
I wanted to create a brand that makes your life easier and that looks like you.
Marceau was then presented as an obviousness.
I created the shirt 24h: the shirt with the perfect cut, to wear day and night. The shirt that we are sad to leave before going to bed!